Hard work, huge results

6 Week shape up

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6 Week Shape Up

What you get

  • Full access to gym

  • Three 30-minute workouts/week with a Personal Trainer

  • Virtual Accountability Coach

  • Structured workout plans for non Personal Trainer days

  • Childcare during workouts

  • Kickoff and Graduation Ceremony

  • Nutrition Guide

  • Healhy weight loss

6 Week shape up

Get your perfect body
in 6 weeks only for $99

Six Weeks Shape Up Program includes:

  • Checkbox icon Unlimited access to Pulse ZT
  • Checkbox icon Access to the gym
  • Checkbox icon GENERALIZED Nutritional guidance
  • Checkbox icon BF and weight on first class and last class

What Our Customers Say

Wood Grant

Member since July 2019

Age 59

Feel stronger! Omni Trainers are great! i love the program and plan to continue!

Starr Oldorff

Member since June 2019

Age 56

Love Omni Trainers, they are awesome! I'm Quickly building strength and toning, great cardio!

Khyrsten Wilson

Member since July 2019

Age 26

I have noticed increased strength and definition in my legs.  During the workout it is always intense, but after i feel great! Love the program and the trainer very much! It is intense but not so bad you can't keep going!

Sandra Fox

Member since 2014

Age 51

I am getting stronger and my clothes fit better! That is how i determine weight loss because i don't use the scale. It is a great program and i am hoping to do it again!

Dwight Thaggard

Member since July 2019

Age 57

I feel great and feel stronger! I think the trainer and the program are both excellent!

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